Gardening Tips

Managing Fruit Tree Pests – Learn valuable tips about pest control from Michael Janik, fruit tree expert, of Michael’s Apples. Read More…

Tucking Away Tools for Winter – Some great tips for winterizing your tools. Will your tools be cleaned and stored for next winter? Read More…

Protecting Pollinators in a Big Way – National Pollinator Week is a designation that recognizes all that pollinators do for our food supply, environment and economy.  Read more…

The Awful Earwig – People are asking about Earwigs.  Earwigs are easily recognized with rather alarming-looking pincers on their tail ends.  Read more…

The Ever Popular Tomato – Learn about the over 2,000 varieties available worldwide. Many are hybrids. Read more…

Thematic Vegetable Gardening in Containers – Vegetable gardening in containers not only rewards a gardener with tasty veggies, but also provides an enjoyable creative outlet; think beyond the traditional tomato plant.

Know Your Fertilizers – An article about the proper use of fertilizer products – What is best for your plants?

Gardening is a Contact Sport – An article about the various gardening activities put on different parts of our bod.

Growing Persimmon Trees in Northern Nevada – Detailed information on Persimmons and link to Nevada Appeal Article.

Have You Planted Veggies Yet? – General guidelines on the best times to plant your veggies.

Controlling Worms in Apples Begins Now – If you had apples with worms last year, it is likely you will have wormy apples this year too, unless you take precautions.



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