The Greenhouse Project Board Members

Board Members

President – Karen Abowd

Vice-President – Cheryl Rotter

Secretary – Lucy Joyce

Treasurer/Sustainability Coordinator – Vicki Crabb

Public Officer/Public Relations – Karel Ancona-Henry

Member at Large – June James

Member at Large – Steve Sanchez

Member at Large – Candi Ruf

Member at Large – Josh Bahn

Member at Large – Mark Korinek

Member at Large – Lisa K. Taylor

Member at Large – Jonathan Steele

Carson High School Ag Teacher – Charlie Mann

Emeritus Member/Resident Agent – Laura Fitzsimmons

Emeritus Member – Mark Lopiccolo

Emeritus Member – Janette Bloom

Emeritus Member – Jo Kilpatrick

Financial Officer Emeritus – Benjamin C. Steele

Executive Director – Jon Ruiter


The Board meets every quarter

Click here for Agenda and Minutes of Action Group Committee .