The Greenhouse Project Carson Tahoe Health Foothill Garden Growing Series

Carson Tahoe Health Foothill Garden Growing Series

2020 Foothill Garden Education Series –

All classes are free and will be held from 11:00 AM until 12:00 PM. Weather permitting, classes will be held outdoors at the Foothill Garden located behind the CTH Cancer Resource Center (1535 Medical Parkway). In the event of inclement weather we will be utilizing a semi-public space in the main hospital building or a small meeting area inside the Cancer Center. Seating is somewhat limited and format casual; please encourage participants to bring chairs and lunch/snacks for themselves.

Jan 24th (fourth Fri) – Seed selection, seed starting, and seed saving w/ William Pierz

In this installment we’ll be diving into the world of seeds. From selecting varieties and suppliers to germination and seedling care, we will cover it all. Included will be an overview of timing indoor starts for transplants in Northern NV and seed saving techniques and strategies

Feb 14th (second Fri) – Fruit tree, grape vine, and rose bush pruning w/ Michael’s Apples and William Pierz

In this installment we’ll be going in depth on dormant season maintenance for your fruit bearing trees, vines, and ornamental trees and shrubs. We will have special emphasis on Apples, Stonefruits (cherry, peach, plum, apricot, etc.), Grapes, and Roses.

March 6th – The Early Spring Garden and Companion Planting Demystified w/ William Pierz

In this installment we will be discussing the mutually beneficial relationships we can cultivate in our gardens as well as the potential abundance in your “pre-summer” garden. Beat the summer heat and start early with appropriate crops!

April 3rdGrowing Superb Strawberries! w/ William Pierz 

  • Facebook Live Stream @11:00 am on the Greenhouse Project Facebook pageThe onsite class is canceled. In this installment we’ll be diving deep on Strawberry cultivation! We’ll talk propagation, varieties, fertility needs, tricks to maximize your harvest and protect from pests, as well as where they want to grow naturally in your landscape.

May 1st – Growing Top-Shelf tomatoes and Pretty Peppers w/ Cory King

In this installment we’ll be talking about the intricacies of growing incredible tomatoes and peppers. From fertility management and soil preparation to pruning techniques and season extension techniques, you’ll leave feeling confident in this year’s crop.

June 5th – Apples in the orchard and grapes on the table w/ Healthy Trees and Cory King

In this installment we’ll be discussing strategies and maintenance techniques for maximizing the harvest from your fruit trees and vines. Additionally, we’ll be talking about managing your yard/orchard for the benefit of your harvest and covering some midseason management techniques to keep your flowers blooming.

July 10th (second Fri) – Beneficial Insects, Garden Allies, and tricks to growing chemical free w/ and William Pierz

In this installment we’ll be discussing the importance of a chemical free landscape in maintaining healthy, low-maintenance gardens and orchards. Exploring the relationships between predators and prey, plants and their allies, and our cultivated spaces and wild places is a wonderful way to find your own holistic approach to gardening and landscape management.

Aug 7th – Designing for Abundance: Food Forests and Edible Landscapes w/ and William Pierz

In this installment we’ll be discussing food forests or edible forest gardens. Explore the whats, hows, and whys of designing a layered polyculture system in your landscape. We’ll dive deep into strategies, design elements, and climate appropriate species to grow.

Sept 4th – Growing Glorious Garlic w/ Glorious Garlic Farm

In this installment we will cover everything you need to know to grow amazing garlic over the winter. You’ll learn about growing in ground, in containers, soil requirements, the many different types of garlic, and how harvest and cure your garlic for storage.

Oct 2nd – Microbe Madness w/ William Pierz

In this installment we’ll talk about the importance of microorganisms in our gardens, our bodies, and our lives. We’ll cover strategies for protecting and boosting the diversity of different microbiomes and discuss methods of cultivating microorganisms to introduce into your systems.

Nov 6th – Passive Soil Building, Green Waste Management, and Compost 101 w/ William Pierz

In this installment we will be diving into the wonderful world of compost. Become empowered by learning to turn your food and yard waste back into fresh produce! You’ll learn different methods for small-scale composting as well as low maintenance strategies for building soil and managing your property’s green waste all at the same time.

Dec 4th – Save the Soil: Solving Problems by Reducing Erosion w/ William Pierz

In this installment we will discuss the issues related to loss of topsoil, its impact on our society, and strategies to help shift from erosive practices to soil building practices. We’ll look at the individual and community scale as well as explore large-scale possibilities for change.

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