The Greenhouse Project News December Manager’s Update

December Manager’s Update

Things are still growing plentifully in the greenhouse while our trees and plants rest outdoors waiting patiently for winter to pass. Our greenhouse is happily using our ground-source heat pump to churn out warm air from underground where it stays an ambient temperature year round. This allows us to comfortably grow broccoli, lettuces, kale, chard, scallion, and all types of herbs. We are also trying our hand this year at growing tomatoes through the winter! We’ve harvested 10 pounds of tomatoes so far.

As winter settles in, we have more time to reflect on all of the growth we’ve had over the past year. I am proud to list the following accomplishments for 2014:

•  Converted to entirely Organic growing practices and fertilization
• Planted 7 new fruit trees, 2 shade trees, 2 hazelnut shrubs, and numerous grape and berry vines, in
addition to our perennial food forest
• Quadrupled student visits, tripled Special Needs student visits, and doubled volunteer visits
• Started our first Community Supported Agriculture program
• Made an active appearance in community fruit tree gleaning – harvesting over 500 lbs of fruit
• Formed partnerships with Urban Roots and The Boys and Girls Club
• Hosted 9 CHS Senior Projects
• Awarded 4 AmeriCorps Education Awards
• Produced over 4,700 lbs of food while incorporating more diverse crops such as mushrooms, zucchini,
greens, carrot, garlic, and green beans – along with our usual tomatoes and cucumbers
• Began donating to a fourth recipient, Capital City Circles Initiative (in addition to FISH, Ron
Wood, and Salvation Army)
• Donated over 3,400 lbs of organically grown fresh produce to children and adults in need