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Getting Ready for Fall

gardenpanoSuddenly it’s September and I’m thinking of Fall and everything I need to do in the gardens.  There’s a long list at The Greenhouse, but I also need to make time for my own garden at home. I have at least 30 pounds of tomatoes to harvest and sauce to make this weekend. Can’t you just imagine sitting down to homemade sauce one chilly evening? I’ll be able to say with pride that the tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil and parsley all came from my garden – serious bragging rights!

The mornings are starting to stay cooler for longer and evenings are cooling off, but the mid-day heat means I need to plan my garden ventures and save the heavy work for mornings or evenings. And who are we kidding? I never do anything but drink wine and admire my tomatoes and flowers when I go out in the evenings! It’s those cool mornings when I get most of the work done.  So here’s my list for the next week:

  • Make notes, take pictures to remember where and how everything was
  • Pick the last of the sunflowers and share
  • Mulch spent annuals into the soil
  • Plant my cool season veggies (I have kale, kohlrabi, cabbage and collard seedlings)
  • Plant my garlic for next year
  • Cut back my drip line irrigation system to water only for 15 minutes in certain beds
  • Prune my tomatoes to encourage the fruit to ripen quickly before frost
  • Start hauling over my composted chicken manure to feed the soil in empty beds
  • Start harvesting potatoes once a week until they are gone

Looks like I’ll be busy – what are you doing in the garden this week?