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Greenhouse Manager’s Update

We are so excited to share that as of September 24, 2014, the Greenhouse has grown a total of  3,390 pounds of food since January 1, 2014!  Of that, 2,234 pounds of produce has been donated to those in need via Ron Wood Foundation, Friends In Service Helping and The Salvation Army.

1,156 pounds of produce has gone towards this year’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription. As of today, we have just harvested and packed the 20th week of our CSA, which featured oyster mushrooms, herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, onions, peppers, sprouts, and much more! As well as a colorful bouquet of flowers all grown here on site, picked up weekly in handmade recycled grain bags. We look forward to next year’s CSA. Please check back in with us to sign up for next year.

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We also want to give a GIGANTIC REDWOOD sized THANK YOU to Terrill Ozawa and Carol Brewer for donating the gift that keeps on giving – TREES! We now have a gorgeous Red Maple, Red Pear, Apricot, and White Peach to add to our tree inventory. We are grateful for the fruit and the shade that these trees will provide! Also – Terrill brought us Crocus ‘Saffron’ flower bulbs so that we can produce Saffron threads for the Carson Culinary Arts. 

We currently have a new batch of oyster mushrooms growing in the Greenhouse along with 60 cucumber plants, a crop of winter tomatoes, kale, chard, greens, and lettuce. Outside we have arugula, red cabbage and broccoli planted and look forward to see them grow during the cooler weather.