The Greenhouse Project Students Carson High Senior Project – Kyla’s Papaya

Carson High Senior Project – Kyla’s Papaya

Kyla has done amazing work at The Greenhouse during her time at CHS. As she heads off to UNR for freshman year, we asked her to share about her project on papaya. Check out the post on Dragon Fruit.

My name is Kyla and for the past 2 years, I have been growing tropical fruit plants at The Greenhouse Project in the greenhouse. Last year, I was a senior at Carson High School and so for my senior project, I grew Papaya trees.

About 1-1/2 years ago, before I decided to make papaya my senior project, I planted a few pots of papaya seeds from a Kapoho solo papaya I found in the grocery store. Kapoho solo papayas are a cultivar of dwarf(solo) papaya that are most commonly commercially grown in Hawaii. The first seeds I planted did not sprout, but I did not give up there. I planted more seeds, and this time, 6 papaya trees sprouted and thus truly started my adventure growing my papaya trees. A few months after my first 6 papaya trees sprouted, I had another papaya sprout in the old pot that I originally planted seeds in, which had been re-purposed to grow herbs. This late-to-the-party papaya became papaya #7.

Throughout the last 1-1/2 years with my papaya, I have overcome many obstacles, including watering problems, nutrient problems, aphids, spider mites, thrips, and repotting the sensitive trees. Unfortunately, I have lost 2 of my 7 papaya to my obstacles, but the remaining 5 are healthy. Growing them to this point has been a real triumph for me. Two of the trees in particular are growing incredibly fast, and when looking close, tiny flower buds are just starting to grow. In a few months, perhaps the papaya will be producing tons of tasty papaya!