The Greenhouse Project Gardening Advice What Happened to Summer?

What Happened to Summer?

I’m sitting at my kitchen table and listening to a gentle rain and wondering what happened to summer. It seems like only yesterday I was putting out my tomatoes, worrying that May 15th was too early and wishing I could afford to put a grow dome over my entire garden. Luckily, this year, the weather held out and even today, with October already here, the weather has been great. No early and devastating surprise freezes to kill off my summer vegetables, no flooding rain to trample down the plants and ruin the produce.

But even I have to admit that summer is long gone and Autumn will follow soon. But as a gardener, I’m just not willing to let go of the garden yet. I already do some season extension techniques, such as row cover and mulching. But I’m excited about the next class at Foothill Garden on October 19th and learning about even more ways I can keep pretending that it’s always summer.