Sustainability Endowment 2022

The Greenhouse Project continues to move forward in ensuring a sustainable future with our Sustainability Endowment Fund. We are now entering a building year for vermicomposting and native plant propagation as tangible funding streams and student educational opportunities, both vital programs for our community and our planet. We are striving to reach a $1 million goal ($500,000 from personal donations and $500,000 from business donations) as outlined in the documents below to build capital investment that provides passive income to support TGP’s annual budget. It takes a village effort to reach this goal and your help is needed to get there. A contribution in any amount is greatly appreciated for this worthwhile cause.

The Sustainability Endowment Fund will create consistent support for our organization and fund our agriculture resources to the Carson City community well into the future.

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For over a decade, TGP has been growing, giving and teaching for a healthier and greener community.  The Greenhouse Project is committed to providing agricultural education to Carson City students and growing food for the under-served.


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