Give the Gift of Giving

Give in a meaningful way through our gift-giving program that lets you share your love of The Greenhouse Project with others by investing in a contribution in their name.

Your special gift helps us in our mission, increases awareness for our organization, and lives on beyond any traditional ribbons or bows.

If you own a business, consider giving the gift of sustainability to your clients during the holidays or as a thank you for their business. For families and friends, a non-traditional gift could be just the thing.

The Greenhouse Project continues to move forward in ensuring a sustainable future with our Sustainability Endowment Fund. We’re making progress on our goal to raise $1 million to invest in ongoing operational future and fundraising needs – and this is another way to continue your support of our efforts. The Sustainability Endowment Fund will create consistent support for our organization and fund our agriculture resources to the Carson City community.

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For over a decade, TGP has been growing, giving and teaching for a healthier and greener community.  The Greenhouse Project is committed to providing agricultural education to Carson City students and growing food for the under-served.



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